Monday, February 20, 2012

My H.I.P. Mantra

Use Technology with Honesty (how it applies to me); with Integrity (how it applies to others) and with Passion”.

The 21st century has unveiled technology to society that has changed how humans experience the world and the people within it. It is more important than ever for individuals to develop a conscious process of acknowledging technology. A mantra is an effective way to proactively consider the impacts of technology on an on going basis with old and new technology.

Honesty applies to an individual or personal understanding of technology and how it applies to that individual’s personal existence.

The integrity of those who use and create technology affects the lives of the community the technology it serves.

Passion is the driving force for creation. It is important to acknowledge the energy that goes into the development of technology to appreciate its use and purpose. The energy that creates technology is human energy. It is motivated and encouraged by culture, environment and social status. Passion is human. A person may not understand everything about how a piece of technology was created but he or she can understand human passion.

The goal is to see technology, and consider it “figure” rather than "ground".

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